Spare parts for circumnavigation

The two years before we took delivery of our boat, I followed as many boats and Facebook groups as possible, that were doing a circumnavigation, to find out what they would break and the spares they required to fix things. There is a difference between spare parts to replace items that break and service parts that are required for normal maintenance. Spare parts are hopefully a wasted ‘investment. You keep them on board, hoping you never need them, but thankful if you do have them. Buying service parts such as oil, oil filters, impellers etc. is just an advance payment for items you will need anyway in the future.

This is my list. Note that this list does not include additional equipment that I added to our boat for safety, boat handling improvement etc.

Volvo main engines:

  • MDI box item 23231607 (1x)

Service parts

  • Oil Filter item 3840525 (6x)
  • Fuel Filter item 861477 (6x)
  • Air filter item 3580509 (2x)
  • Impeller item 21951346 (6x)
  • Drive belt item 3584086 (6x)
  • Zinc anode kit propeller 3858399(8x)
  • Zinc anode sail drive 22651246 (4x)
  • Engine / sail drive oil per 5 litre (10x)

Fischer Panda generator:

  • Valve cover Gasket
  • Temperature sensor for engine and exhaust
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Fuel stop solenoid
  • Actuator
  • Impeller pump

Service parts:

  • Fischer Panda Service Kit FP15000i (3x)
  • Fischer Panda Impeller F4B W/ O-ring (10x)
  • Fischer Panda oil filter (3x)
  • External pre-fuel filter (2x)

Water maker Aquabase 60 l/hr 12v:

  • Consumable kit aquabase esb-esw (5x)
  • 9”3/4 Carbon element for esw (5x)
  • Extra Filter element (10x)

Toilet SFA electric:

  • Toilet seats SFA NP 100103 (2x)
  • Macerator / discharge Pump SFAMPSN31 12V Clavier (1x)
  • Switch SFA BPCL (2x)
  • Joker valve #1 SFA CLAPDOM (6x)
  • Joker valve #2 RM69 item 518 (6x)

Auto pilot

  • Garmin GRF 10 Rudder feedback sensor 010-11829-00
  • Garmin Reactor 40 Autopilot 010-00705-49
  • Lecomble & Schmitt 2202457 B Maintenance kit ENS LIN 32/40ST 16 – 12 v
  • Lecomble & Schmitt 3900055 C Motor RV2 Equipe – 12 V CC
  • Grade 22 hydraulic oil for ram 


  • Spare propellers (2x)

Service parts

  • Engine oil
  • Drive grease
  • Fuel filters
  • Oil filters
  • Spark plugs


  • Par Max Water pump(2x) Note: FP uses one type of water pump for fresh water, A/C’s, Saltwater. So you can always borrow an A/C pump to keep your fresh water system going
  • RM1100A – 12 v RuleMate  bilge pumps (4x)  Note: The sensors on the bilge pump go bad, triggering the bilge alarm.
  • Grey water tank pump sensor (1x)
  • Grey water pump Whale Gulper 220 Diaphragm (1x)

 Scuba compressor:

  • Air filter (5x)
  • Carbon filter (5x)
  • Lubrication oil
  • O-rings

Sail battens:

  • 14mm x 6 mtr
  • 16mm x 6 mtr
  • 20mm x 6 mtr

Note: I read about a cat who broke a batten in the pacific. Impossible to ship these. They are just tied to my stanchions, barely visible. Paint them with a two-component paint, as they disintegrate in the sun.


  • FX-55 Fortress Anchor 16kg (spare in addition to my Rocna 33kg)

Safety equipment:

  • Re-arming kits for Life jackets
  • Spare VHF antenna (ARC requirement)

Tapes, glues, kit, paint:


  • Monel (!) Pop rivets
  • HeliCoils (allows you to make new threads in aluminium)
  • Bolts / nuts
  • Washers
  • Screws
  • Cable ties
  • Hose clamps
  • Split pins
  • Split rings

General Lubricants:

  • Winch grease
  • Pawl oil
  • OneDrop by McLube
  • Sailkote by Mclube
  • WD 40

Sailmakers spares, tools and parts:

  • Batten receptacle set from Incidence.
  • Sailrite sewing machine
  • Speedy stitcher
  • Sailmaker needles
  • Sailmakers repair thread
  • Leach tape for spinnaker, red, green, blue 10 mtr each colour
  • Spinnaker Fabric, 5 yards of each colour. Probably Maxlite 150 (Incidence)
  • Polyester fabric 50mtr x 5cm
  • Double sided sticky sailmakers tape (2 rolls)
  • Dacron repair tape
  • Spinnaker repair tape each colour

Canvas parts:

  • Clips item SAV00042 (10x)
  • Triangles item SAV00016 (10x)
  • Buttons item SAV00037 (10x)
  • Perfix item SAV00019 (10x) For external sunscreens
  • Webbing grey
  • Spare zipper grey

Note: I ordered these parts via my dealer from the Canvas


  • Shackles various size
  • Pad eyes Wichard, various sizes
  • Dyneema soft shackles 3mm, 4,mm, 6mm (4 each)
  • Lewmar 29927261BK 72mm Synchro foot block (3x)
  • Lewmar 29197201 72mm HTX Single block (3x)
  • Jammer Antal V-cam814 10-12mm
  • Jammer Antal V-cam814 12-14mm
  • Jammer Antal V-cam611 double
  • Seizing wire Monel
  • 60mm Snatch blocks (2x)

Mooring lines and fenders:

  • Mooring lines 15mtr x 16mm (4x)
  • Rope covers (4x)
  • Inflatable fenders 25cm x 75cm (6x)
  • Long lines, 50mtrs x 12mm for Med Anchoring / Stern to rocks.(2)

Other Lines:

  • 50mtr x 6mm coated Dyneema for various applications
  • 25mtr x 6mm Shock cord for various application
  • Main halyard, 62mtr x 10mm Dyneema (standard is 12mm Polyester)
  • Genoa halyard, 20mtr x 12mm bare Dyneema
  • Gennaker halyard, 46mtr x 12mm Dyneema (standard is 12mm Polyester)
  • Reef1 single line: 34mtr x 12mm polyester
  • Reef2 outer end: 31mtr x 12mm polyester
  • Reef3 outer end: 34mtr x 12mm polyester
  • Lazy Jack #1: 2 x 6mm x 23mtr
  • Lazy Jack #2: 4 x 6mm x 6mtr
  • Mainsheet: 44mtr 12mm polyester
  • Traveller: 36mtr x 10mm polyester
  • Port Genoa sheet: 17mtr x 14mm polyester
  • Starboard Genoa sheet: 14mtr x 14mm polyester
  • Line for Davit: 29mtr x 10mm

I replaced the straps near the tack by lines that I lead to the winch pit:

  • Reef 2 inboard end: 21mtr x 10mm
  • Reef 3 inboard end: 26mtr x 10mm

Special Tools:

  • Dyneema Scissors
  • Hot knife
  • Selma Splicing kit and booklet with instructions
  • Various funnels
  • Tool to remove engine oil filter
  • Oil suction pump
  • Bosch GWS 12v-76 professional battery operated angle cutter

Water fittings Hep20:

  • T-connector 15mm (2x)
  • Straight connector 15mm (2x)
  • End-cap 15mm (4x)
  • Disconnect tool (1x)
  • Tubing 1mtr x 15mm Inserts for tubing 15mm(10x)