Underwater lights

I decided to install my own underwater lights because the factory option was quite expensive and it was unclear what I was getting for that money. I bought Bluefin LED, model P6N-SM-B114 Piranha P6N Nitro S Blue 12 volt.

They just have a blue colour to match the courtesy lighting and were not very expensive. I liked that they require just a small hole for installation. Not too happy with large holes under the waterline. It is tempting to buy lights with very high output, but the energy consumption will be likewise. Mine are 40 watts each and give more than enough light. I was lucky that my dealer could install the lights before the boat was launched. He installed them on the centerline of each hull, about 20 cm from the transom.

Some details:

  • Light: 3500 Lumen / 4500 Lumen in nitro mode
  • Consumption: 3.5 Amp
  • Weight: 0.5 kg each
  • Beam: 60 degrees
  • Life: 50.000 hrs

There are also lights available that install in a housing, which allows you to replace or repair the light without hauling the boat out. Maybe something to think about.

All I had to do was make an electrical connection. When I was about to pull wires through the boat, I noticed that the underwater lighting wiring (labelled: Eclaire Sous Marin) and a switch on the switch panel were already in place. You need to look for the cables because they are tucked away to the side. I am not sure, but I assume FP uses just one model cable tree so it is the same in all boats. I also found some other unused cables.