Dock water connection

We like to save the water-maker water in our water tanks to wash the boat and not ourselves. Water-maker water has no limescale/chalk and is therefore much better for boat cleaning. We installed a dock water connector on the boat. This allows connecting the  on board water system to the water tap on the dock. Switch off your fresh water pump and enjoy unlimted water.

I placed a T-connection in the blue water tube, feeding the cold water to the deck shower. With some additional tubing you can connect it to a Plastimo #62025 resh Water Inlet. The tubing on board is from a company called HEP2O.  You will need the following parts

  • 15mm tubing
  • 15mm elbow
  • 15mm T-connector
  • 3/8″ female -15mm connector
  • 15mm tube inserts
  • disconnection key.

While ordering from HEP2O make sure to order some end caps. If you ever have a leak some where, this will alow you to cap off a tube and use the rest of your water system until you are in a position to fix it. Even better is to buy some tubing and various connectors so you can fix the problem at sea.