A dream come true? Sailing the world?

Is it a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor—this ocean sailing?  The excitement of slicing through the waves while beating to windward through a late season gale and the exhilaration of downwind sailing unexpectedly barreling down the wave faces at hull speed while offshore makes us realize that these are the exciting moments for us to grow. It’s definitely a challenge.

Sail and explore the world. From a different perspective, from sea level. We like to find new and unexplored places. And share this with anyone interested. We need you to show us the way. Share your local knowledge with us to find the real unknown gems. You can stay connected wherever we are through Facebook, Instagram, and email.


To be honest there is NO plan!
At least, we have no fixed plans. We do have a long bucket list and we do have a route in mind.
But if the wind brings us somewhere else than we thought we would go we don’t mind.
If the plan does not work we will change the plan not the goal!

The world has changed significantly since the beginning of March 2020. We were stuck in
St. Martin from March 10, 2020. We had a total lockdown of 2 weeks, curfews, #stayathome
situations but we survived! And finally half of May islands starting to slowly open again.
Aruba was the first to “open” with a 14-day quarantine, so we decided to go there.
We will put the boat on the hard for hurricane season and come back in September.
Next season we want to go up all the way to New York! 
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We left Holland on August 4, 2018. Crossed the Bay of Biscay.
Along the Spanish and Portuguese coast into the MED. Wintering in Licata, Sicily.
Summer 2019 sailing the Med and November 2019 we crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean.
We are now enjoying the island hopping life and already our plan has changed!
This hurricane season we will go to Bonaire to do lots of diving and have family and friends come over.
November 2020 we will go up north to the Bahama’s and … we will go to the westcoast of the US.
And most exciting: we will go to New York!! The idea to anchor next to the Statue of Liberty!
We think that is magical!

After that we like to go down to San Blas, Panama and crossing the Pacific Ocean. But we have only one chance.
Going there means no way back. We will see what life will bring us on this incredible adventure.
Encounter the world from a different perspective. From sea level!

 BUT: you can help us by sharing your local knowledge of the places we sail to! We try to keep up our
route on the website so you know where we hang out. Through email, Instagram and Facebook
you can let us know where we can the true hidden gems of the places we visit.
If you have any tips for us where to find the hidden gems,
where and what to eat and drink!, which interesting local sites we should visit, where to do our shopping.
In return, we will show others what your idea or tip looks like!

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage the pursue them”

Walt Disney

“Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate. Than always be a pirate”



Travelling. It leaves you speechless. Then turns you into a storyteller.

Writing is not my natural born talent and English is not my mother tongue.

Still I hope you will enjoy the written stories of all our adventures.

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