Poor man’s tender lift
We did not opt for the hydraulic platform for the following reasons:

  • The centre line of the tender sits out side of the platform. I could not think of a proper way to lash down the tender
  • I wanted the life raft on the bridge deck transom so that it easy to deploy. The platform does not allow this
  • I wanted a Watt and Sea hydrogenerator on the bridge deck transom. The platform does not allow this
  • Weight of platform and hydraulic installation
  • Another thing that can break down
  • If it breaks down, there is no alternative to use the tender
  • When moored stern-to, there is no way to lower the tender and use it. Our tender can pass underneath the bridge deck
  • Lifting the tender in rough seas, is a challenge with the platform
  • The platform extends aft of the two hulls so it can damage easily
  • price

What we do like, is the look of the platform and the ease of it, when scuba diving. But all considered, we decided not to have it. We have an electric tender winch though, and a very special one. It is a so called ‘ re-wind’  winch, which can ease and pull a line. Standard, the boat comes with two separate davit lines, rigged 3:1. But handling two lines simultaneously does not work on a re-wind winch. So I replaced the lines with a bridle so that it works as a single line for the winch. See sketch of the principal. I also wanted to upgrade the davit blocks. The standard aluminium blocks have a lot of friction and look terrible. Last but not least, I wanted a padeye on the end of the davits, so that I can attach a chain and a lock. We do not want to make life easy for thieves. It all works great and if the winch stops working, I can still lower the tender and hoist it by hand.