Dimming cockpit and saloon lights
The led lights in the cockpit and saloon are very bright. To solve this, I installed electronic led dimmers.

Parts needed
4 x Blue Sea System Deckhand dimmers item 7506. 12 volt 6 amps
4 x  Vimar Plana 14062 two interlocked 1P NO+NO 10 amp switches
Wire connectors

Job description
Remove the plastic cover from the existing switches. Use a small screw driver on the side and flip the cover off.
Remove the screws from the switch holder.
Pull switch holder and switches out of the bulkhead
There are small clips that hold the switches in the holder. With a small screw driver you can open these and release the switch from the switch holder.
Remove the fridge. Remove the screws on the left and right side of the fridge. Slide the fridge forward. Half way you may need to lift the fridge a bit to clear a wooden block.
Install the dimmers near the switches.Replace one switch at a time by the new switch and connect the dimmer according the wire diagram.
Make sure each switch has two ( + ) connections and one ( – ). You need to run a new (-) cable. Easiest is to cut the (-) from the fridge and run it from there. Alternatively you can run a separate wire to the negative bus bar in the engine room. You can see the empty ducts on the port side behind the fridge where you can run a cable through to the engine room.

Put everything back in place and enjoy.