Extra socket plugs

The Saona is a bit short of socket plugs. So, I added quite a few more.
Additional socket plug/usb on all the other sides of the beds. Standard, the boat comes with socket plugs on one side of the beds only.
Three socket plugs in starboard peak. It is my workshop and I need sockets to charge tools.
Additional Socket plug/usb in cockpit. We try and sit outside whenever weather permits. Sewing machine, computer, iPhone….they all need electricity.
Double socket plugs in galley. One is always in use for the Nespresso machine, so you really want one extra for kitchen appliances
Socket plugs near stairs to SB hull. When sitting in the salon, you also need numerous options to run computers and charge phones and tablets.

Fontaine Pajot uses equipment from the Italian company Vimar, type Plana. It is a very nice modular system. You can replace any item by another, according to your own demands.

Part numbers

  • 14614 frame, 4 slots
  • 144654.01 cover plate white, 4 slots
  • 14214 socket plug (uses two slots)
  • 14295 double usb 2.1 amp (uses two slots)
  • 14292 single usb 1.5 amp (uses single slot)
  • 14041 blank (uses single slot)

I use a Fein multi tool to make the square cut outs. Great tool to have on board.