Lost impeller blades Fischer Panda
From time to time, you need to replace the impeller of the water pump of the generator. We have a Fischer Panda. Sometimes you will notice missing blades of the impeller. You should not ignore it. Lost blades will limit the water flow and eventually create overheating issues of your generator.

The Fischer Panda has an impeller blade strainer
Fortunately, the Fischer Panda is fitted with a small impeller blade strainer, that prevents the broken off blades to go into the heat exchanger. It is fitted in the middle of the service side (starboard side) of the generator and easy to spot. It is a small rectangular silver coloured box. Following the water inlet hose and you will find it. You will have to remove it, to clean it. Loosen the hose clamps left and right of the strainer. Pull off the inlet hose, which is on the right. You cannot pull off the outlet hose on the left, because it is too short. Then with a 10mm spanner, loosen the bolt with which the strainer is attached to the base of the generator. This is not very easy, but with a bit of patience, you will manage. Once loose, you can remove the strainer. Shake the debris out of the strainer and re-install. I did not bother to attach it to the generator base anymore. This way, it is less work the next time.