MDI box by-pass

Volvo is having a lot of problems with their MDI (Mechanical Diesel Interface) boxes. This is the electronic box that supports the engine sensors, functions and alarms (start, stop, revs, temperature, oil pressure and NMEA2000 interface) on Volvo D2 series engines. The failures have resulted in the engine stopping unexpectedly and/or failing to start when required. I always want to be able to start my engines. I therefore added a start / stop button to by-pass the MDI box.
It is not much work. Just buy any On-Off pulse knob on internet and a tubing clamp like I have done. A bit of wire and done. All in all it is maybe half an hour work per engine. Note that when you start your engine this way, that many functions may not work such as battery charging (!) and RPM / Hour meter. For me, being able to start the engine when entering port or getting away from hazardous situations, is very important. There has been a product recall for part number on product 40869657.

There is a good article about the issues and possible remedy: MDI Article