Peak storage
Making the best use of the available storage, keeps the boat organised and clean. One of the unique features of the Saona is that both peaks can be reached from the inside. Most other boats have peaks that can only be reached from the deck. So typically these will be used for sail and fender storage in that case.
I installed two shelves in each peak. Placed such that we can store boxes efficiently. Bottom and mid section can hold 12 boxes each. Top shelve can hold 18 boxes. So 42 boxes in total in each peak. On the side, outside of the width of the boxes, I made some additional storage for bottles. I kept some space open aft of the shelves as a work place. Also I can store my fore deck cushions there (vertically). Box size is 40cm x 25cm x 15cm. The trick is to find a box that is big enough to hold most of your items, but small enough to store efficiently in a triangular area. Each box is labeled and specifically for certain items. Engine spares, watermaker spares, manual tools, electric tools, tapes&lubes etc.
I glued wooden slats on the inside of the hull with Sika. On the wooden slats I placed aluminium beams of 40mm x 20mm. I cut out some notches for a nice fit and then powder coated the beams. That way they stay nice and do not get shabby with aluminium oxidation. On top of the beams there is marine plywood. I made an autocad drawing and had it cut by computer so that it looks nice. Installation is quite easy. Just drill and screw the wooden panels onto the aluminium.
On starboard side we keep all the technical stuff. On port side we keep our galley stuff.