Upgrading pit layout
After 3000 miles I am finally happy with my pit layout. So it is time to share it with you.

What did I change?

  • Added additional mast base blocks
  • Replaced single foot blocks that lead lines aft, with double footblocks.
  • Added jammer for port jib sheet
  • Added a bracket with jammer for starboard jib sheet.
  • Added three extra jammers near the middle winch
  • Added a cross-over block aft of the right winch jammers
  • Added foot switches for the electric winches
  • Added inboard end reef lines

What this does for me:

  • Main halyard is on right winch. Reef 1 on mid winch. So, I can ease the main halyard (after pulling it a bit to open jammer) on the right winch upto to reef mark #1 while pulling in reef 1 on the middle winch.
  • I added two inboard end reef lines, for reef 2&3 that replace the straps. I don’t like climbing up a mast in 30 knots of wind, holding myself and trying to lead a strap through a reef point….I am not a circus monkey
  • Outboard reef lines 2&3 (the existing ones) go to the mid winch. So I can release the main halyard on the right winch to the marked reef points and pull the ouboard reef line also to its mark. Once this is done, I pull the inboard ends tight with the right winch which is free after locking the halyard in place
  • Jib furling: furler line on right winch, jib sheet on mid winch
  • Tack control when sailing with asymmetric spinnaker on starboard tack (wind comes from starboard). Center tack line (from bowsprit) on mid winch. Luff hull tack line on right winch.
  • When sailing on port tack with asymmetric spinnaker: starboard sheet on right winch, centre tack on middle winch. Luff tack (port side) on davit winch.
  • I do not understand why each yard installs the foot switches as a finger operating switch. You want to have your hands free to wrap lines just two times around a winch and then tail by hand, while pressing the foot switch. This way you feel instantly when something goes wrong. Electric winches are very powerful and will continue pulling, even when something gets stuck.
  • The cross-over block allows me to lead lines from the right side jammers to the middle winch. But maximum load is not too high so do it gently.