AIS on your Ipad

I love Navionics on my Ipad. Navionics is a much easier navigational program than the one on the chartplotter. I use the chartplotter just to ‘see’ what happens around us with the radar and the AIS. Recently Navionics added the option to show AIS data on the Navionics chart on the Ipad. To receive the data, it must be sent via a NMEA 2000 gateway. I use the YDWG-02 from Yacht Devices. Costs is about usd 200. Works great. Just buy a NMEA 2000 T-connector and plug it into the NMEA 2000 backbone. I extended the existing backbone inside the steering pedestal with a cable to be able to attach the device. There it is close to the Ipad, so I have good reception.