Barometer, Clock, Thermometer

What is a boat without a barometer, clock and thermometer.

We feel that a stainless-steel finish looks best on the boat and selected 3” (base 12cm) units from Plastimo. Items 35884, 35885, 35886 and installed them on the mast compression post. A little warning here. The mast post is made from stainless steel. If you drill in stainless steel and the material gets hot, then you are doomed because the stainless steel will then get very hard. So, drill at a very slow speed, with a lot of pressure on the drill in short bursts. Check the tip temperature of you drill constantly and cool it before you continue. If you see a spiral shaped chip develop then you can continue carefully because the chip will cool the material.

After drilling, tap a thread and use fasteners to install.