Emergency tiller

Under CE regulations, the boat must have an emergency tiller. It is not specified how it should be used. On the Saona you need to open the engine room hatch to use the emergency tiller. Imagine you are in bad weather with big waves from behind with an open engine room hatch trying to keep the boat sort of on course. That is far from Ideal. During the 2019 ARC we had waves washing through the cockpit.

I ordered two deck covers from Jefa in Denmark. Item nr 4C119N, silver anodised and had my tiller modified. I extended the rod that goes into the rudder stock. I can now use the emergency tiller without opening the engine room hatch. I also added an eye bolt on the end. I can then attach a tackle. I have not yet developed a system to use th eemergency tiller effectively. I may need some more padeyes in the cockpit.