Preventing water ingress in the Fisher Panda inverter.

The stainless steel columns that support the upper deck and main sail traveler are hollow. Solar cables run through these columns on the port side to the engine room. In very wet weather we had some water running down the starboard column. It ends up in the engine room, so no big issue normally. However, in the starboard engine room, the Inverter of the Fischer Panda generator is installed very close to the starboard column. The Fisher Panda has a variable rpm from 2200 to 2800, depending on the load. The standard voltage is 270. The inverter makes sure that the output is always 230 Volt @ 50 Hz. The inverter has a vent at the top so any water running down the starboard column can go into the inverter. We had this issue. It was not much water, but just enough to corrode the printer circuit board. So we had to send the inverter back to Fisher Panda. To avoid this problem, we made a plastic cover to keep the water out.