Improve anchor handling

I don’t like the anchor system on the FP boats. To hoist the anchor, the boat must be aligned with the anchor chain. So you need two people to hoist the anchor. One driving the boat, the other giving signals which way to turn the boat and to push the control buttons for the winch. It is impossible to hoist the anchor single handed. Also, it is impossible to reach the anchor to clear debris like nets, fishing lines, sea grass etc.

I installed an adjustable anchor chain aligment block. It is controlled from the bowsprit with a 2:1 purchase. I use the standard line stopper which was obsolete for me because I have re-rigged the tack line to the winch pit. Setting the anchor is still the same. After setting the anchor I pull the anchor chain to the bowsprit via the alignment block. I can then attach the bridle by leaning over the front beam. This is a bit more difficult than attaching it in the anchor locker.  Lately, I have used the bridle as before, attaching it from within the anchor locker. If the line on the alignment block is long enough, this is no problem. So you have two options. Hoisting the anchor with the alignment block is easy because it makes sure that the anchor chain is always aligned with the anchor roller. No need to have someone at the helm to keep the boat pointing the right way. I can now hoist the anchor all by myself. When the anchor is up, I can reach to clear any debris. By easing the alignment block and pulling in the anchor simultaneously, it transfers to normal anchor storage position. It requires a bit of practice though to do it smoothly.