Today we were meeting Lesley and Rob. Owners of a Nautitec 46 who we met in Licata. Always nice to meet people and exchange experiences, places and whatever! We left very early in the morning (05.30). Same story about the sailing every day. In the morning maybe some wind and than it dies. An motoring again ….

We had a great evening with Lesley and Rob. Lots of drinks and food and a beautiful sunset! It’s a bit strange when you are on anchor just along the coast. Not a single other boat to see, not protected at all. Just 2 cats on anchor! Not like we normally would anchor in a protected bay. But everything is possible, as long as the weather is ok. It has its charms as well anchoring like this!

Although we did not visit the town I think it is really worth taking the time to explore a bit in that area. Crotone is situated in a wonderful corner of Calabria in the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. From sealvel you see a land of hills and green vegetation. Crotone has a rich cultural heritage. This age-old city was chosen by the mathematician Pythagoras of Samos (around 532 B.C.) as the ideal learning centre for the many studies and activities inspired by his genius.  Crotone, known for its proverbial hospitality, is also a land of ancient flavours, sun and sea. Capo Colonna is located in the south of the city. On the Crotone section of the Ionian coast, the Protected Marine Park of Capo Rizzuto has been called the world’s largest open-air aquarium. It is an area of extraordinary unspoilt beauty. Shapes and colours make the scenery attractive, with beautiful views.  The true heritage of this area is the sea depths, a place for a wide variety of marine species.

The fortress of Capo Rizzuto
In Le Castella in the municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto, approximately 30 km from Crotone, the Aragonese fortress of Le Castella is all that remains of a vast fortified area. Situated on a small peninsula over the sea, the fortress has undergone various architectural changes over the centuries. When sailing south you pass the Capo Colonna. The day we passed it was a ‘grey’ day so the pictures are not very good. But we can imgaine what it should be when it’s sunny!