After 10 days with Mieke, Ben and Jeroen we were on our own again. Now the adventure of sailing together would really start. After all we will be sailing together more than we will have friends on board. Coming back from Santiago we did our provisioning at the Eroski supermarket in Portosin. They also deliver to the marina if you buy enough!
And today we were sailing together to Ria de Arousa! In fact the next Ria south direction. Not much wind, that makes it very easy of course and it was a beautiful day. Entering this Ria you have to be careful to follow the directions as we did. No problems at all. What I found quite curious is that you hardly see any other boats? This is something which I found in the other Ria’s as well. And we were still in high season? Maybe it is us always sailing and not sitting on a beach or so or climbing a rock or whatever …. anyway …  What you do see a lot are the mussels beds! Mussels from Galicia come from the rafts moored in farming polygons located within the Rías of Vigo, Pontevedra, Arousa, Muros-Noia and Ares-Betanzos. And Ria de Arousa has by far the biggest mussel cultivation. If you like to know more about this phenomenon look at this website

Once we entered the Ria the wind picked up and we had a lovely sail. We were going to the almost easterly point of the Ria to find an anchor place for the night. Our first time anchoring together … for everything there is first time. And being an experienced sailor does not mean that you are an experienced cruiser as well.  When any boat handling has to be done I always want to know what is the plan. I always ask before we do anything: what is the plan. Than Robbert will explain what and how we do it whatever has to be done. So we did this time for the anchoring ‘procedure’. I handle the manoeuvring according his instructions and signals and Robbert will do the anchoring. He stands in the anchor locker first and lets go of the anchor. By the time there is enough chain he attaches the bridle. The bridle ‘sits’ the boat when anchored. And that’s it! Apple – Egg as we say in Dutch haha!! Done! And the reward is always the best: having a glass of cold white wine! No drinking during sailing! Only when the sailing is done.

Peurto Escarbote was the anchorage for the night. Close to a huge long beach and a very nice silent place. 2 Other boats on anchor but only far away. Sun was going down, enjoying the plancha and some more wine, and it was again a perfect day! Our first day sailing in the Spanish waters with the two of us! Great couple!

Ría de Arousa

Ría de Arousa estuary is the largest of the estuaries of Galicia. It is located between the estuary of Muros and Noia to the north and the Pontevedra estuary to the south. The peninsulas of Barbanza, in the province of A Coruña, and O Salnés, in the province of Pontevedra, define their coasts on the north and south, respectively. It has numerous islands and islets among which the island of Arousa, A Toxa, Sálvora in the mouth and Cortegada at the entrance.  This region is known for its mussel beds, vineyards with the best white wine of Spain, unique viewpoints and beautiful beaches. Enjoyment is the right word to give a one word description of this Ria. Do not forget to taste the specialties of the Rias Bajas: seafood and white Albarino wines! In the Ria you find a lot of lighthouses and light bouys as well. And be careful at the entrance to keep the track according the nautical charts. It’s very rocky anyway and full of mussel beds as well all around the Ria!