On saturday 28th of November we sailed the boat to Scheveningen to stay there during the winter. Scheveningen is a nice town and Robbert and his sailingteam of Saffier Nitro are sailing the winter series here as well. Scheveningen is centrally located and easy for friends to come and have a winter sail and a glühwein or so. Also we know quite a lot of people in and around the harbour so it’s nice being there during the winter. The weather was not too bad when we left Stellendam, only there was quite a lot of wind … but luckily the crew of the Nitro came on board to sail the boat to Scheveningen! The Saffier Nitro is a one off race boat made by Robbert his good friend Dennis Hennevanger from Saffier Yachts. Have a look at the spectacular pictures of the boat!