Today we were leaving Kefalonia to go to Sivota on the island of Lefkada. We had a good sail for a few hours but after 12.00 o’clock there was again hardly any wind anymore. Motoring again! We entered the bay to Sivota around 15.30. Not even that late but despite that the bay was so overcrowded! Not a single good place to anchor anymore. We turned around to find some more remote spot for the night. We found it close by ‘around the corner’. A beautiful place where no other boats were around. Just in front of a nice looking small boutique hotel.

Sivota Lefkada: Sivota is a beautiful bay in Lefkada. The settlement lies around a blue crystalline cove amidst verdant hills and lush green forests overlooking the Ionian Sea. The lovely port of the village provides a safe shelter for private yachts and quite close is also the main beach. A very good and sheltered anchorage but overcrowded in summer!

Sivota is probably one of the most popular tourist resort in Lefkada. It is fairly quiet during the day and overcrowded at night. The village is a much-preferred destination for the yacht owners. Sivota hosts some gorgeous beaches with amazing waters and white sand, extremely famous for their breathtaking beauty and the wild background. Most of them though are accessed by boat. Along with the small port of Sivota, you will find some nice fish taverns and restaurants. Also for provisioning Sivota has everything to offer!