Oscar and Matthias only left in the afternoon so we went again into town to do some exploring. Oscar went to the museum and we walked around the area near the Castle. And after this we had to take a final lunch before these great friends were kleaving us again. It has been a pleasure guys. Your always welcome as you know!

We went back to the boat and we had decided that we would leave for the next anchorage on the north east side of the island. As our Tepai was valid till end of june we had to be out of Greece end of June. You are allowed to stay 2 days longer I think as we did. By the way, we never had any one asking for the permit or the Depka all throughh the month. Our next stop was Agios Stefanos. A small fishing village just up north to the island.Saint (or Agios) Stephanos is a small harbour village, located on the North East coast of Corfu. This little fishing village has now become a very popular ‘up market’ place. There is a thriving local Greek community that welcomes its visitors with the warmth and hospitality Greece is famous for. This village is extremely pretty and is situated within the shelter of hills that sweep down on either side, making it a very safe harbour. The bay was pretty crowded and no place in front of the town. So we anchored at the end of the bay where we had a nice and quiet evening.