Today is our last day we will spent in Greece. One month saling/racing through Greece and a month was gone! We had a great time but it was too short! We have to move on! Our last anchorage was in the bay at the island of Othonoi.
This island is in the most North Western part of Greece. Not a lot to see or do but a good shelter for the night. A few other boats in the bay. A mini market with the essential shopping things, which is great by the way! And a few restaurants along the bay. Lots of hills and rocks. We went along the coast with the dinghy to see if we could find the cove of Ammos. According to the legend, Calypso hold Ulysses in captivity here. We never found the cave!

Othonoi (Greek: Οθωνοί, also rendered as Othoni) is a small Greek island in the Ionian Sea, located northwest of Corfu, and is the westernmost point of Greece. Othonoi is the largest of the Diapontia Islands. It is a former community of the Ionian Islands. From the September 2019 local government reform it is municipal unit of the municipality of Central Corfu and Diapontia Islands. The municipal unit has an area of 10.078 km2 and population of 392 (2011). In the 19th century the island was the capital of the Diapontia Islands municipality, which also included nearby islands of Ereikoussa, Mathraki, islets and rocks of Diakopo, Diaplo, Karavi, Kastrino, Leipso, Ostrako, Plaka, Plateia and Tracheia. Othonoi is about 47 nautical miles from Santa Maria di Leuca cape, Italy.