After a good breakfast we left at 09.30. Next stop is Aquilas. It’s getting a little boring but again the weather was perfect. Not too much wind to sail but the sun was shining again. The world is really much nicer when the sun is out. Around 17.00 we reached the Bay of Levante in Aquilas. To us, this town was not very appealing. It looked like nothing has been done to this town for years. In this time of year, the town looks very depressing. By what I find on the internet, the town and the Murcia Region have quite a lot to offer in summer. But we decided to move on. On the way south you found big offshore marine farms, where sea currents make it a prime location for growing quality seabream and seabass. According to the map, there would be a few more islands sailing north and we decided to find a place somewhere around those islands. We motored further north and yezzzzzzz! A fish!! A Tuna?! We took the fillets and Trudy made us nice sashimi. YAMMIE!! Eating fresh fish, not bad at all! For me catching your own fish feels some sort of strange. I have to get used to just eat it! When I buy fish in the shop it can never be any fresher than when you catch your own. Part of the learning curve of living aboard I guess! We found a nice anchor spot close to Calabardina Beach and Cabo Cope Rock. Still part of Aquilas but about 9 kilometres away from the centre of town. Ready to eat fresh sashimi, drink a few glasses of white wine and enjoy the beautiful sunset?! Yes, we are!

Calabardina beach – Aquilas (Murcia Region)
The cape Cabo Cope (a huge rock rising from the water) is a beautiful anchorage for ships, protected on its eastern face, like an imposing guardian. There is a beach of fine sand, sandy seabed and clean, crystal-clear waters. The former pier, now used by small boats and diving clubs for their outings, bears witness to bygone times, times when the fishing catches were unloaded there. Nowadays there are many small restaurants along the beach.

Cabo Cope Regional Park
The Rock at Calabardina beach is part of a Regional Park in Spanish called Parque regional Cabo Cope y Puntas de Calnegre. This park, located between Lorca and Águilas, in the South tip of the Region of Murcia, has 17 kilometres of untouched coastline. The park is well known for its rich flora and fauna. In Cabo Cope, there are also caves in which remains from the Neolithic period were found. Also, there is the famous 16th century Cope Watchtower built to warn on the sea arrival of Berber pirates!