In search of Hippie Beach!
Next morning we first went out to see the surroundings quickly and get some fresh bread before we would be leaving. The intention was to sail up to Alicante where Gertjan en Annelies would join us for a few weeks, and Trudy and Joop could fly back again from there in 4 three days time. Around 10.00 we untied the lines and there we go! Absolute perfect weather for this time of year. Trudy and Joop wanted to learn as much as possible in a few days. Not only everything about the boat but also catching fish haha, prepare the fillets from the day before and anchoring, of course, was part of that. Sleeping on your boat while on anchor. Which app’s do we use, length of anchor line, how do you anchor anyway, etcetc.! So for the night, we would go on anchor at Cala San Pedro. A nice and protected place. And we would probably see some nude people around at Hippie Beach. And it’s said that during the evening they play the drums! But alas, not the night we were there. Lovely spot to stay on anchor! Very quit and serene. We talked a lot, drank a lot, ate a lot and danced a lot till the early morning hours. Long time since we had such a nice party on board! Thanks, guys! We had a blast!

Cala San Pedro
This beach is an untouched paradise. Hidden between mountains the only ways to reach the sand is by boat or by 2 hours trekking.  In summer you can also take a taxi.  San Pedro is the only beach inside the park that has people living in the woods, like hippies. It´s a green community, with bungalows and tents built on the shore and next to a water spring. They look after the beach and protect the environment, that´s why they are allowed by law to live there. During summer time more people camp on the sand for a few days, just to enjoy the unique atmosphere. Meditation, Yoga on the beach… Such a great vibe. The isolated cove is picture-postcard perfect, overlooked by a 16th-century castle with a tower (built to protect the coast from Berber pirates), and ruined fishing village abandoned after an earthquake. Today inhabitants are a year-round naturist hippy community living in small houses built in the hills, with their dogs. You won’t find toilets or showers, but there are unofficial camping and a couple of beach bars with limited menus.