Since 11 May 2018, Mount Etna shows an unusual state of activity. At remarkably regular intervals of approx. 8 hours the mountain has been producing more than 20 brief episodes of mild Strombolian activity. The episodes are further characterized by the absence of strong degassing. What causes this unusual and certainly transient behavior is not exactly known. Nobody knows exactly what causes the eruptions. What is suspected is that the Etna volcano produces “mini-eruptions” that last about 10 minutes, located at the top of the New South-East Crater, at about 3300 meters. There would be nothing strange about this, except that it occurs about 3 times a day, so about every eight hours. A phenomenon that closely resembles that of geysers, although in this case, it is magma to erupt at the surface and not water. … These small eruptive events are always accompanied by an increase of volcanic tremor. A vibration produced by movements of volcanic fluids circulating within the eruptive duct. When the magma approaches the surface and erupts, tremor increases sharply. … It’s like volcano’s hiccups!

When Annieck flew back to Holland on the 25th of December, she made a picture from the aircraft. You can see clearly that the mountain is busy spreading ashes and Magna! In the following video, you can see unbelievable footage of the eruption of the Etna by Cornel Nistor.