Today we were sailing to the next island: Ithaca. Ithaca lies next to Kefalonia. A beautiful sunny day nicely motoring along … again! Anyway, the reward was sweet this time. We ended up in Filliatro beach. A beau-ti-ful beach with blue-green water. Very very nice. Some boats were moored stern to the coast and some were just anchored. A place for mega motor yachts as well, because there were 2 really big ones. We anchored very close to the beach. At this small stone beach (no sand and beach shoes are strongly recomended) you can rent sun beds and buy some colds drinks. It is run by a local Greek guy. Very friendly.

 Filiatro Beach Ithaca
Filiatro is the closest beach to Vathy, the capital of Ithaca. About 3.5 km. The warm, shallow, transparant turquoise crystalline waters are ideal for swimming. The beach consists of white shiny pebbles where only a few tourist facilities are found. Bring your watershoes with you! The bay of Filiatro is narrow and long and is ideal for endless swimming: you can discover the adjacent beaches of the bay – a very small, almost “private” one to the right and an equally large  to the left. Trees that come down to the sea shore offer natural shade and an inviting atmosphere. Next to Filiatro beach, there is a cove where people occasionally put their tents and try free camping, although in general free camping is illegal in Greece. You can rent sunbeds and also get cold drinks in the small cafetaria. A cosy and sometimes busy beach but really worth to visit!