Again we were motoring all day to our next destination on the Northside of Zakynthos. Really, we have experienced the MED almost only by motoring. Not too many anchorages on this side of the island, so we anchored at Alykanas beach. A long strip of a sandy beach with many hotels and tourists. By the time we arrived there suddenly was quite some wind and EIGHT was rocking nicely (not) in the waves. This lasted till around midnight. Not a nice place to throw out the anchor but not much choice as well.

A village of archaeological interest as in excavations carried out here Mycenaean vessels were discovered. These findings together with some others from the surrounding area led scientists to believe that the ancient city of Arcadia was situated here. Alykanas maintains its traditional character, amongst lush olive groves and vineyards. One can go hiking, cycling or even horse-riding. You can visit Vertzagio Agricultural Museum, in Pigadiakia village. The local train performs daily shuttles from Alykanas. The town offers some night entertainment but is more a chill destination, as they say .. I can’t tell you because we did not go into town!