We entered the Gulf of Corinth from the Poseidonias side of the Corinth Canal. The Gulf of Corinth or the Corinthian Gulf is a deep inlet of the Ionian Sea on the Western side of Greece. The Corinthian Gulf has a  rugged coastline and unusual rock formations in the sea. One of the highlights is the beautiful Rio Antirrio bridge. Connecting the Peloponnese with mainland Greece. This is the most narrow point of the Gulf. A few facts: the length of the Gulf is 130 km, the width 8.4 to 32 km and max depth is 935 m. 

On our way to Galaxidi, we were passing the lighthouse of Malagavi. Malagavi Lighthouse is situated above ancient Heraion, on the Western tip of Cape Melagavi in the Gulf of Corinth.  One of the oldest stone lighthouses in Greece, built in 1897, that is still in operation. Furtherdown the Gulf we were accompanied by a pod of dolphins dancing around our bows! Such a pleasure!

Galaxidi is a beautiful seaside town in the Fokida area, andf has about 1700 habitant. The town is built in the western side of Krisaios gulf. It is 217km far away from Athens. Galaxidi has a great history. A beautiful and scenic town. Galaxidi is built on the site of Ancient Haleios, and during his long history it encountered with great disasters by different conquerors, such as Slavs, Franks, Turks etc.
It is a seafaring town with a global name for its navy and the special talent of its shipbuilding. Already in the early part of the 18th century, a big fleet in local karnagia was constructed and lasted for many decades. The merchant and passenger ships of Galaxidi voyaged in the Mediterranean.  Galaxidi is a picturesque town. Along the townquay you will find the scenic alleys and you can admire the perfect captains’ houses, the old churches, the remarkable monuments and the wonderful tiled roof mansions. There is a small harbour which can accomodate a few bigger ships. But we anchored in the bay along the Akti Qianthis road, just around the corner of the town quay. With the dinghy we went to town where you find all kind of niced rstaurants and cafes. The town has a chill and relaxed athmosphere. Also provisioning is no problem. Galaxidi is a beautiful town with special charm and fascination.

Galaxidi Attractions
In Galaxidi there a lot of attractions to visit.  The Naval Museum, the oldest Naval Museum in Greece, which has got a great collection of sail paintings, nautical instruments, shipping registers and other interesting exhibits. The Archeological Museum of Galaxidi, which exhibits more than 300 archeological findings. The Folklore Museum, which is lodged in an old mansion and has got exhibits, such as traditional costumes, embroideries etc. There are many churches and archeological monuments.