Again today a quite long sail. We have not read about any good anchorages along the way to Nafpaktos. So we decided to just continue all the way. The views in this area are beautiful. We passed a lighthouse which I have no clue what the name is! But on the Navionics chart is says following: The light from the Lighthouse is very strong, and it has been recorded that when the light is reflected on the clouds it is visible from a distance of 33 NM! From a distance of less than 10 NM one can see a constant dim light even when it is not flashing. So that you know! The lighthouse can be found in the Apsaromyta area. That’s on the way from Galaxidi to Nafpaktos. For me it’s the lighthouse with no name!  Very strange. Maybe anybody knows?
The entrace to the bay of Nafpaktos is already sooo beautiful! A huge area and at the end the pittoresque town of Nafpaktos. We anchored on the East side of town along Gribovo beach. But anchoring in the bay is not very easy …. we had to anchor 3 times before the anchor was finally secured! The views from sealevel are spectacular! So no time to waste to see the town!

One of the most beautiful medieval, pretty, romantic and pittoreque towns in Greece. Also the castle and fortress are very well preserved. The town has about 10,000 inhabitants and built in the shape of an amphitheater on a pine-clad slope. The coast is full of restaurants, cafes and nightlife.  The Rio-Antirion Bridge is only a few miles from the town. A visit to the Turkish Mosque of Fethiye Tzami, built in 1499, and explore the castle and the harbor fortifications, are some of the things to do.
Nafpaktos has two long beaches with plenty of shade, fish tavernas and cafes within walking distance of the harbor. Gribovo Beach on the east side has changing rooms, showers and other facilities and the beach road is closed to automobiles in the summer. Psani Beach on the west side has similar facilities. Nafpaktos is very uptown. Here you can find al the big brands for shopping! Eveything you need is available here. In the night there are numerous restaurants and cafes to go to. A real gem and should not be missed gloing through the Gulf of Corinth!