Restaurant The Boathouse
Today we were sailing to Annieck her favorite restaurant in Ibiza. In the Bay of San Vicente, you find restaurant The Boat House. We arrived at the Bay around 16.00. Nobody there. No boats but also no people. The small town looked deserted. Some small shops were opened at the promenade but there were hardly any people. It’s the scene you encounter everywhere in Spain after September. Although the weather is still sunny and pleasant the winter struck everywhere already. At around 18.00 we went to the beach to explore this place a little. We walked up the hill to see if we could reach the outlook post on top but we found it too far away and went back. Back to the restaurant. Funny enough it was quite busy over there. The atmosphere is totally chill, food smells delicious and looks even better. People are dressed informal and relaxed. We ordered a big bucket of sangria and enjoyed a warm fresh bread, homemade aioli, and olives to munch on. Open every day from 9.30 until 21.30, The Boat House Ibiza offers a fantastic menu offers options for lovers of fresh fish, cuts of meat, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. No matter what your diet or food preference, there is a choice of dishes, all lovingly prepared and delivered to a picture-perfect beach setting. As you might expect, given the name, there is a nautical theme throughout, with fishermen’s nets on the ceiling, huge, thick ropes above the bar, oars and anything else you can associate with the sea. It is tastefully adorned and makes for a cozy, warm and welcoming theme. It really was the perfect autumn evening! When coming back at EIGHT there was one other boat. Anchored quite close to the beach.  Another monohull tried to anchor quite close to us. A boat full of men so we told them it would be much better to find another place, which they did. We had a beautiful and very relaxed evening. Getting ready for our sail to Mallorca tomorrow! Great place Annieck! Thank you for the tip!