Ibiza Old Town, Dalt Vila, and Talamanca playa
Today we set off to get closer to the center of town. We sailed along the coast and ended up to see the port of Ibiza. The Port of Ibiza blends into the hustle and bustle of the town of Ibiza with its amazing nightlife, its medieval buildings and its maze of narrow, winding streets in Dalt Vila. The port consists of the Botafoc breakwater, which is used to discharge the fuel needed on the island and for large cruise ships to berth, as well as commercial and passenger quays. It also has several recreational docks with a total of 1,400 moorings for pleasure boats. Ibiza is a melting pot of tradition and the latest trends. The island, and by extension its port, offers visitors a spectacular location, which is the object of passions and many a gaze. We did not stay in the marina but decided to find an anchorage in the bay next to the city center. In this bay, there were a few boats but more than enough space to find a good spot. Quite shallow bay, but for us, not a problem. In front of us, a beautiful 25-meter yacht called Ikigai and only a few other boats. In the evening we walked to town to see the old town of Ibiza and find a cozy restaurant to eat. We went back by taxi to the boat. This time of year the weather was still good enough to sit outside all night. We played some more Dixit and had a lot of fun! I am really wondering why not more people keep cruising this time of year. But everywhere in Spain the season just ends October 1st I think. Enough for a busy season, I guess!

Yacht Ikigai stuck in shallow water!
The next morning started as usual. Beautiful weather, breakfast with lots of coffee and tea. Around 11.00 o’clock Ikigai was ready to leave the bay. Than it started …. the yacht got stuck? Apparently, when you have a good look at the charts there is a very shallow part in the bay right where the yacht was anchored. They tried to get away and got stuck there! We could not have a better place to look at this spectacle! And also, as usual, we knew everything better haha! Especially the men in this case. So we told them to go and help them if they knew everything so well. By that time 2 other dinghies were there to help. They tried everything to get the yacht out of its desperate plight. But it only moved a bit forward and backward but not came loose. After trying for an hour or so the owner of the yacht decided to call a towage company to come and rescue them. On board, we were niggling that it would be a nice suggestion to give the men at least a bottle of champagne for their help blablabla …. And as we do know, water is always carrying a conversation far away …, and probably they overheard our talks. Oeps! By the time we took the dinghy out for a ride along the coastline they called us and gave us a bottle of champagne! Wow, a bottle of Moet&Chandon. That was a really sportive suggestion. Thank you so much! At around 17.00 finally, the yacht was dragged out. Let’s hope this will not happen to anyone because it really is not a funny thing!