To go or not to go to Ibiza?
The original plan today was to stay over 1 more night at the Spanish Coast and take the leap to Ibiza tomorrow. But sailing along the Spanish Coast we could not find any suitable anchorage. We had quite a lot of wind today so a well-protected anchorage was needed. According to some app’s, there would be a good and sheltered anchorage at Ambolo Llop Marí, which is south of Denia. Behind a rocky island called Isla del Descubridor. A beautiful place but due to the wind of today far from the ideal anchorage. We tried 3 times to anchor and then gave up. So, what to do? Go further North and theoretically further away from Ibiza? Or go to Ibiza NOW?! After checking all the options: the weather, the options for anchoring, time of arrival in Ibiza etc. we decided to just do it. Let’s go!  And man, we did have a good trip. Amazing sunsets, good winds, great sail! ETA Ibiza around 24.00. Could not have been a better choice! Great sail! For the second time, we had a bird visitor who needed some rest. A cute little yellow bird who sat in our basil plants haha! Robbert already found a nice anchorage in Es Torrent in Ibiza. No idea how it would look like in the daylight!

Ibiza, we made it!
It feels so good to wake up when the sun is shining and the surroundings are as beautiful as here! What a great place to wake up and realize that you have come to a new place! Ibiza, joehoe! We anchored in the Bay of Es Torrent. Close to Sa Caixota. Oh my, what an exclusive area this is. Huge luxury houses built upon the cliffs. Big, bigger, biggest. Amazing. Here the happy few must be living, no doubt! Today we could just relax. We only had to sail around the corner to the next beach to pick up the girls! Ibiza has beaches almost everywhere around the island. But of course, we were looking for a place close to the airport. Easy for the girls to take a taxi to join us at Eight.