Hello girls and hello Prince Bernard of Holland!
Today we were going to pick up the girls yeah! They would come to Salinas Beach by taxi and we met at Salinas Jockey Club. The weather was amazing for the time of year. Sun sun sun! People were sunbathing on the beach, restaurants were crowded, a lot of hustle and bustle! We anchored the boat in a nice spot not too far away from the beach, time for a drink and celebrate we would see our girls again! There were a few more big boats anchored before a really huge tender boat came motoring towards us. And they anchored quite close to us. Of course, we were having all sorts of comments blablabla …. There was a family on board and 2 crew members. It was just like sitting in a theater! At some point, they wanted to take water scooters out of the back. So the back of the boat opened like a Sesame open … and a lift was installed. On top of the lift, a winch was installed. And Robbert could see from a distance that it was a Harken rewind winch. He took the binoculars to be sure and yezz, a Harken rewind. We could see they were struggling quite a bit with the construction. By now it was time to pick up the girls. Robbert and I would go with the dinghy and Gertjan and Annelies would take the sups. Come on Robbert said, let go and see what they are up to. Well, a lot was going on … the blocks were not properly reeved and the winch apparently was not working at all. The motor of the winch was too big and that’s why they removed it to handle it manually. Which of course was not an option as well. Robbert gave them some tips and we said good luck! If any questions just let me know! We went to the bar of Salinas Jockey club and ordered Sangria with prosecco. Jammie! What a great start of the holiday for the girls! When they arrived we drank another sangria and went back to the boat. The girls settled in on board and we were just making fun. Fieke went sailing with a weirdo on a sailboat without a rudder and we were just chilling and having fun in the sun. Dinner on board and maybe we played a game named Dixit, which Fieke took along. Great fun! Happy to have the girls over!