First part of the trip – Barcelona to Sardinia
On Tuesday morning the 11th of December, we left Barcelona around 09.00 in the morning. The weather was good and we were excited we would finally go to Sicily! And also we were very happy that Marijke and Mark of Cat Greatcircle were joining us. Our first trip would go straight to Sardinia. About 350 miles. Plan was to stay there for a few days and continue to Sicily. It started off well: at 11.50 we were accompanied by dolphins! Always a joy watching them dancing around the bows! We installed the fishing lures, 3 different lines, and YEEEAAAHHHH!, we caught a fish! A tuna of 48 cm! With a new lure, Robbert bought in Holland for euro 2,50! We filled the tuna and kept the fillets for the next day as we just prepared our lunch for the day already! During the day we all kept “watch” … but we hardly saw any boat …  In the night we stayed inside and Marijke opted to be first to do her watch from 22.00 to 01.00 in the morning. Mark would follow from 01.00 till 04.00 and than Robbert would do 04.00 – 07.00 and me myself and I was the lucky one! From 07.00 till 10.00 in the morning. But by that time everybody was awake already! Probably they wanted to watch me as this would my first watch haha! So I was very lucky! During the day, the weather was not that bad. Robbert was wearing a polo and Marijke was wearing her coat?! All went well and smooth. The 2nd day we prepared the tuna by grilling the fillets, served with salad and wraps. Delicious! Then at some point, the VHF was calling? We were sailing along the Sardinian coast at that time. The Italian Coastguard was calling us? Well, apparently we were sailing in a Military area and we had to divert our course, which we of course immediately did. Took the screecher down, gybed and went on sailing in the direction of the coast? We just did not understand this but ok if this what they wanted us to do …. after 15 minutes again the coastguard called. Where we were going? Well, in the direction you told us too! But now we understood we missed part of the message and they wanted us to sail a course of 100 instead of 10. LOL!!!! Then he asked where we were heading. We told them we were going to Cagliari and he just said: ok, just sail straight on to Cagliari haha!! That was kind of funny of course!
We decided to anchor this night instead of going to Cagliari. We did not want to enter the Port in the middle of the night, not a good idea. So we anchored at Capo di Pula close to an island called Isola de Coltellazzo. We arrived in the dark and it was quite windy at that time. It took us time to find some good anchorage grip, and we could finally celebrate we made it to Sardinia! Cheers!

This film is made by Mark from Cat Great Circle. It shows you what it looks like when sailing! This is only part 1.