Marina del Este
It had been an exciting time in Marbella. Lots of things happened but we survived all haha! Time to move north. We had friends coming in October 11, so we had to go. We said our goodbye’s and left for the next stop, Marina del Mediterráneo Este. We left at around 12.00. Distance to location 36NM. We first sailed a few hours going very slow. Fishing rods out, you never know. It was very cloudy, but temperatures were good. At 16.30 we put the engine. We knew we would be arriving in the dark. This being our second time arriving in the dark made us pro’s of course haha! So no worries! I made dinner on board and with the sun going down we again had a beautiful day. Great to be back sailing!

Arriving at night
They always say you have to go fishing in the morning and in the late afternoon, isn’t it? Robbert brought some new lures from Holland which we were trying now.  We had the single lure, which we already had, on one side of the boat and the new lure on the other side. And guess what: Catch at 18.30! And not only 1 but we had 2 fishes! Now we were getting pro’s in catching fishes as well! What a great catch! Lot’s of fillets for the next day to prepare! The sunset today was even more than amazing. Golden edges around the clouds. This is something very special in the MED, the sunsets. The variety in the sunsets and sunrises are the best I have seen and so frequent as well. Almost every day the sun is making you smile!
At around 21.15 we arrived in the marina. Approaching the entrance of the marina you have to make a sort of U-turn to starboard to get in.  Don’t sail too far forward, there are a big rock and fishing boats in front of that rock. Which we only could see clearly the next day. We do have a strobe light on board but it’s not shining very well. On the list to buy: a good shining strobe light! The harbour master was already waiting for us. We contacted him before that we would come for a night. And luckily we could stay right where you come in. What a beautiful place! Surrounded by mountains and a huge rock in front of us. But being October already there was not much to do, as in many other places around this time of year.

Marina del Este, sitting on the dock of the Bay ….
Next morning we walked around the marina.  This exceptionally pretty yet little-known marina, I find one of the most attractive in the whole Mediterranean, is located in the small seaside town of La Herradura. The Marina (also known as Puerto Deportivo Punta de la Mona) was developed in the 1980s around a large natural rock formation known as Peñón de las Caballas (Mackerel Rock) and features a small attractive harbour protected by the pine-clad promontory of the Punta de la Mona. A perfectly-protected situation, courtesy of natural features. Nestled in a cove which protects the boats from rough sea conditions, the marina’s outer breakwater includes a rocky island outcrop around which it is built. The marina is also just 10 minutes from the popular seaside resort of Almuñécar and is well situated to enjoy trips to visit museums, ancient ruins and a vast selection of excellent bars and restaurants. Once you’ve walked past Mackerel Rock there are some steps up onto the harbour wall, which is a great place for “watching the ships roll in, and then watch ’em roll away again”.

Facilities at the marina include showers and toilets, electricity and water hook-up at every pontoon mooring, wifi, marine shops and workshops, waste disposal, marine diesel refuelling, cashpoints, car hire and taxi services, launderette, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and shops.

Playa Berenguales is a small cove located just outside the marina. This 100-metre-long beach is very popular with divers exploring the Punta de la Mona headland, who often take advantage of the car park behind; it is flanked by a large rock and the headland itself. A popular meeting point for divers, it offers boat rental and good seafood restaurants.

I would say there is only one small downside: the marina is quite expensive. Even out of season. But has so much to offer that I would recommend everyone to go there!