After 3 days relaxing in Gibraltar, it was time to move north to Marbella. This is where Captain his parents are living. We would leave the boat here for a few weeks to go back to Holland. The weather was absolutely perfect for this time of year. But … no wind …. only motoring …. We left around 13.30. Time to bake something! I made a fresh apple pie. Just when I finished the apples for the apple pie dolphins were dancing at the bow. When there are no waves you can see the dolphins so clear! And a huge pot of them! I can look at these nice creatures for hours! But first had to finish the apple pie. When the pie was in the oven we did some sunbathing up at the bunny deck and just had a very chill sail to Marbella. For the second time were greeted by dolphins, have we been lucky! We arrived at Puerto Deportivi at around 18.00. With quite some struggling …. The statistics of today: 35,9 NM covered in 4.8 hours offshore.

WATCH OUT Entering Marina Cabopino!!
Before we came to this marina we first contacted them. Could we enter the marina anyway? Well according to the wonderful and helpful marina staff they said it would no problem. The entrance to the marina is relatively small with a breakwater wall on port side. On starboard side, there are small buoys marking a sort of way to sail. As we are not really small in width it was not very easy to stay in between the small bouys and the breakwater. The stones of the breakwater made me somewhat nervous, to be honest. But going to starboard was also not an option then we would catch the buoys … oh my …. Robbert moved up very slow and then: bonk! We got stuck! Shoot! The boat turned around, Robbert was going forward, backward, gas, no gas, I don’t know what I don’t know how … but the boat turned and we were able to go back to the seaside again. Of course, a lot of people were watching this spectacle from the breakwater and all around us. But apparently, you have to stay at the port side, closer to the breakwater, as there was a small hump in the sailing direction to the marina. Knowing this Robbert went in again, gave some extra gas and yes! We could feel the hump but he made it!  Once you’re over the hump it’s ok. The marina is really small. We were by the far the biggest boat but we were berthed safely and close to the marina office. Very helpful people to make sure the boat could not move. Pieuw … guess what. I definitely needed a glass of white wine now haha!

Puerto Deportivo Cabopino
Puerto Deportivo Cabopino is also known as port Cabopino or Marina Cabopino and it is located in the beautiful town of Marbella, on the Mediterranean coast, having the Gibraltar strait on one side and the mountains of Sierra Blanca on the other side. To the west of the port, next to the sand dunes, you will find La Torre Ladrones (the Thieves Tower). It is 15 meters tall and it is the highest coastal lookout tower in the Malaga region. The architecture and the materials used to build the tower suggest it was built during the period of Arab domination. Its function was clearly defensive. From its privileged position, it is possible to see along the coast to Marbella, Gibraltar and Africa.
Artola beach, to the west of Puerto Cabopino, is well sheltered and protected from the elements. The artificial reefs on either side of the beach keep the waves and wind at bay. The beach’s gentle slope into the sea makes it extremely child-friendly and safe. The sand here is well maintained and clean. There is also a clothing optional beach known as la Playa de la Dunas-Carib. This is the only section of beach in Marbella that is backed by extensive natural sand dunes and the Dunas de Artola is a protected monument. There are a number of Chiringuitos along this stretch of beach renowned for their quality and value for money.
Although smaller than most of the ports along this coast. Puerto Cabopino has a great deal to offer with its attractive architecture and its relaxed feel. During the day, it is more tranquil than most ports and you can wander to the end of the jetty and experience some great views of the coast. There are plenty of places to enjoy a light lunch and a cool drink or an evening meal. The restaurants and tapas bars offer a wide variety of cuisines. And there are many more located in the square behind the harbour buildings. The bars and restaurants become very busy during the evenings with everyone enjoying cocktails, food and entertainment. There is also a good selection of shops at the outdoor mall in Elviria.

Married 60 years! Party time!
Robbert his parents were married for 60 years and what do you give someone who has everything already? Well, we gave them a party with their friends on our boat! So we had 16 people on board and the most beautiful weather you can not even imagine! We brought salmon and eel from Holland. Bubbles, gin and whiskey and wines. Boy, we had such a great day. Some “old” salty dogs on board who loved to go sailing. We left the marina (take care to keep left this side haha!) and we hoisted mainsail and the red beast! Incredible! The most beautiful weather to host a party! We all had a great day!

Lightning strike!
But after the sun comes rain, isn’t it? That started 2 days later. The weather forecast was bad and it was raining with lots of gusting winds. Huge clouds were rolling in the mountains of Marbella and there were thunder and lightning. Water all over the place. Robbert his parents are living on the coast for almost 30 years and never before experienced such bad weather. The rain just kept coming! I was sitting outside and Robbert was somewhere inside when there was such a hard BENG!!! ….. Such a huge hit, my god, I got up till the roof and had no idea how fast to move inside ….. pffffff …. Robbert ran outside but we could not see any damage or anything for now. Apparently, the lightning strike hit very close but not directly in the mast. But still a huuuuge hit! I was shaking all over. OK, we survived this one. Coffee! But after a few hours I wanted to use the oven I saw the clock was not working anymore. That was the point Robbert thought now something is really wrong …. and he started investigating. And yes, we did have damage. We lost our radar, the sonar, a big inverter and a small inverter. It could have been much worse. In that respect we were lucky. But it did add up to Robbert’s do list again. The nasty thing with a lightning strike is that you cannot do anything to avoid it. People tried several options but nothing really helped. It just an unlucky moment when it hits.

And damage means you have to organise everything to be working again. Luckily we were insured for all the damage, which we did not know. That’s was a good thing! In consultation with Panteanius Robbert organised that the damaged parts were ordered and delivered in Holland again. For Robbert, things are maybe a bit easier as he is the owner of the biggest watersports wholesale company in Holland, and he knows his way around … And as we were going back to Holand we could collect everything and sent it to Marbella in one shipment. Also, we could organise the new dinghy to be delivered by Plastimo. So by the time we were back at the boat after 4 weeks, we had everything organised and Robbert could start replacing the broken parts. Except for the radar which was broken as well. This part was to be delivered at our friends who would fly in about 2 weeks later.

Handy tip for filling gas bottles!
We have propane gas bottles. Refilling the bottles is a hassle anyway but in Marbella there is a good company who does that. Very quick but not cheap … call +34 616 96 94 96.   Check their website for info: