On our way to Athens
Before leaving from Pylos Robbert had to check the mast as we had a small hole in the red beast again. This was solved quickly and soon we left. Target was 48 NM. We left 10.00 in the morning. Our aim was the first anchorage after the most southern part of the Peloponnesos. During the day the wind really started to blow. We used all the sails we had. Also, the new spinnaker whose snuffer refused again to go down again …. so, we let go of the halyard and I had to take down the snuffer … We had to take care of the sail would not end up in the water. But all went well, spi was down again, in the bag. Around midday, the wind was around 25 knots and we were flying 12 knots all the time! And our beauty had no problem with that at all!! When we rounded that most southern part, with the beautiful Lighthouse of Tenaro, it really started blowing! 25-30 knots all the time. We had a reefed main and a very small genoa and motor stand by. OMG FLYING!! The anchorage we had in mind was not at all as described and the wind would be right on top of us. Not really any good protection. We decided to go the next anchorage. A protected bay, Limani Porto Kagio.  But OMG what a disappointment! Even though it was a proper bay, the wind was still blowing right on top of us. This was really not funny. Trying to put the anchor in this wind. Robbert wanted me to do the steering … no way Jose! We finally managed to drop anchor, but we were fairly close to the rocks behind us. I found it quite a struggle. I saw another boat tying to anchor at least 54 times … so we were not bad at all, but … what stress …. Finally, the wind dropped, and we could sit down and have dinner. No drinks today … We were exhausted! In bed at 21.00!

Porto Kagio is a tiny little place in the East Mani region of the Peloponnesos, the most southern part with high hills and bays. Porto Kagio is a small fishing port with a few restaurants right on the beach. Nice to visit is the Lighthouse of Tenar

Lighthouse of Tenaro
The lighthouse is situated on Cape Matapan, the most southern part of the Mani Peninsula, the most southern part of Greece and the continental of Europe. There is also a sanctuary of Poseidon Tenaros and a Roman mosaic ground.
The lighthouse was constructed in 1882. The altitude of the tower is 16 meters and the height of the focal plane is 78 meters. The first light worked on petroleum. The luminosity was 12 nm and the height of the focal plane ab out 41 meters up to sea level. The light did not work from 1942 till 1945. Than they decided to reconstruct the lighthouse again. From 1950 on the light is supplied by electrical power and the luminosity is 16 nm. In 1984 the liughthouse was completely automated with solar power and now the luminosity is 22 nm. with a flash every 10”.