We had a bit uncomfortable sleep in Porto Kagio with all that wind in the bay but still, we left the anchorage in Porto Kagio very early. The aim was to sail to Monemvassia. Again quite a long sail. 65 Nm. We were already told to beware of lots of wind again when rounding the next corner  …. It started as the perfect day for a sail, until that second corner … BLOWING 25+ knots! And it never stopped!! At some point, it really is enough, but it is what it is. The boat though did really so well! EIGHT could handle everything! Coming closer to Monemvassia the wind was not very good for the anchorage. Question: shall we sail further than we planned or not? We were fed up, but the wind was in our favor. We first went in the direction of our planned aim but in the end, after some quarreling here and there, we decided to go to Spetses after all. Guess what: we diverted the course and wind were gone in half an hour! Motor on and on our way to Spetses. And what a good decision was that! We had a beautiful motor sail! We anchored in the bay next to the Marina. No other boats around. OMG, what a day. A long day. With lots and lots of wind. Happy we are at anchor now. Let’s have dinner! We took the dinghy and went into the marina. What a nice and cozy area of the town. And the people so friendly. We had a beautiful dinner with ice-cold white wine. Grateful to be able to do all this and enjoy life the way we had in mind for years. Perfect. We went back to EIGHT and listened to music drinking one more bottle of Licata bubbles and went to bed 02.00 in the morning. Great evening!

Spetses is part of the Saronic islands. The Saronic islands are an archipelago named after the gulf they are located: the Saronic Gulf. The main inhabitant islands are Salamis, Aegina, Agistri, and Poros. Hydra and Dokos are sometimes included as part of as well.

Spetses has everything to offer a cruiser can think of. Bakeries, supermarkets, butchers. It’s all there for provisioning. The Marina is full of charming restaurants where you sit outside and enjoy the bustling life on the island. An unusual aspect of Spetses is that no private automobiles are allowed within the town limits. The most common modes of transport are walking, horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Only taxis and delivery vehicles are allowed in the downtown area. Ferries and high-speed hydrofoils arrive regularly from Piraeus.
Spetses, which lies at the entrance of the bay to Argos, was founded around 2500-2000 BC. This is derived from the remains of the walls, statues and clay vessels found at Agia Marina. In ancient times the island was known as Pityoussa, perhaps because it was covered with pine trees. Today the island is known for its distinctive architecture of stately mansions and for the hills, some of which are still covered with pine trees.