We left the anchorage around 10.15. On our way to the Western part of Greece. Starting with the island of Zakynthos. To be precise: Shipwreck Bay. When going to this island one should visit the bay. Although very touristic still a beauty of a place. We had an hour of sailing and then again we could start the motor. This is something really annoying in the MED = motoring every day!! We arrived in the Bay around 16.45. And we were lucky. Only a few other boats were there. We could anchor right in front of the shipwreck! And man, what a place when nobody is there! I have never seen more blue colored water than in this bay. Unbelievable! AROUND 17.30-18.00 all the commercial ships leave the bay and you have it all to yourself. You can go to the beach and just enjoy the beautiful views and the shipwreck. Make unlimited pictures without being disturbed by one hundred thousand of tourist in your picture!

Shipwreck Beach or Navagio Beach is an exposed cove, sometimes referred to as “Smugglers Cove”. Navagio Beach was originally known as Agios Georgios. On 2 October 1980, a Freightliner, the MV Panagiotis, ran aground on Navagio Beach during stormy weather and bad visibility. Some rumors say the ship was smuggling contraband which included cigarettes, wine, and women, However official sources did not confirm this, and the captain was not convicted for such offenses. The ship was abandoned and still rests buried in the limestone gravel of the beach that now bears the nickname Shipwreck.
The beach was briefly closed in 2018, and swimming and boat anchoring were forbidden after a cliff collapse over the beach and dropped a large amount of rock. When sailing into the beach you can see that part on the port side of the beach.