Next stop was the South-East side of the Island of Zakynthos. An anchorage called Limni Keriou. Close to the town of Keri. When sailing along the coast from Shipwreck Bay you see the beautiful rocky formations all along the coast. Lots of caves. Beautiful sights! There are many many small boats which people rent to visit the caves and just enjoying the coastline.

Keri village is on a mountain and Limni Keriou is the village great beach with a small port. Although the area has  developt rapidly during the recent years, most of the people at Keri still occupy themselves with agriculture. The lush olive groves and vineyards produce the best quality olive-oil and wine in Zakynthos. Keri village is characterised by its old, stone-built houses and narrow streets. Those old houses have survived the earthquake of 1953 and are great samples of the local traditional architecture. One of the most popular places at Keri isthe lighthouse of Keri. It offers great views to the eternal blue of the Ionian sea, on top of a 300-m high cliff. This lighthouse has guided ships for more than a century. The view from there is really breath-taking!  The rocky landscape and the steep cliff match perfectly with one of the most spectacular sunset views!  There is a small port at Limni Keriou only for small boats.

Marathonissi is opposite Keri. A small island with lush vegetation, sandy beaches, beautiful sea-caves and crystal-clear, blue waters that will make you feel like youre in Paradise! The sandy beach at Marathonissi is one of the reproduction areas that the famous Caretta sea turtle uses to lay its eggs. The small island is actually in the gulf of Laganas, also known as the National Marine Park. The beautiful beach at Marathia, located near Limni Keriou, is a quiet beach that offers the perfect hide-away for those who wish to stay away from crowded beach. The wonderful natural arches of Marathia have been sculpted by the sea, which has eaten away the rock slowly for millennia to form them.