Zea Marina certainly is not THE marina in Athens for the rich and famous but al lot of mega yachts and mega motorboats over here! One specific: a metallic blue Walli! Not the most beautiful design I have ever seen from Walli, but of course very special. Always nice to stroll around in a marina and look at all the boats. And have comments on everything you see haha! Just for you to know, we are in the “poor man’s section” with our boat. Not in between the mega yachts haha!! Arriving in Athens also meant we had to do the exercise with the Greek taxes … so first we went to the Coastguard office. Let the spectacle begin! There were 2 ladies sitting. One boss lady and one who helped us. We expleained the situation. That we arrived in Pylos on Saturday, and we could not pay anything because the banks were closed. And that we had a letter stating what we were saying was true! Then it started. The boss lady started shaking her head and talking loud and clear in Greek. NONONONONO … ???? So we were looking as if were blond. (That is a dutch saying and it’s just a joke!) That was not possible and she started to make some phonecalls and she kept shaking her head. In the meantime we were still looking with big eyes what would happen! We explained to her that we were not able to fill in the forms online and that we also could not do the payment online. Long story short: she now was going to help us fill in the form, herself. After 10 minutes she started saying that the system was useless and not working. Becuase she also could not get it working! That’s what we said all the time. It took her at least an hour to get it working! She was wiping the sweat from her forehead and finally she made it! Ok, check. When you are registered you have to go to the bank and pay and you get a receipt. Than you go back again to the Coastguard office. And they register the ship as having paid the taxes! OMG! What a hassle! But that was done!

Peter Haken and Edit arriving
At 13.00 Peter and Edit came on board. So nice to have them around for a week. I am sure we were going to have lots of fun. We untied the lines very quickly and we (motor) sailed to our first anchorage. Nisis Prasonisi. A small island in a huge bay. Not many boats were there but one of the boats really gave us an afternoon of entertainment. Two people outside, 2 people inside, 2 people upside down. Guess what they were at?? Around 19.00 they left the anchorage and we were there with only 2 other boats. We had a beautiful Indonesian dinner as I know that this is one of Peter his favourites!  Edit and Peter did some swimming and enjoyed the beautiful sunset having a few sundowners!

Peter and Edit stayed with us for a week and we mainly syated at Poros Island. Relaxing. They went back on June 11. Thanks guys for staying with us!