Before sailing to our next destination from Spetses we first went to town with the dingy. Just needed a few things before we would end up in Athens to pick up Peter and Edit. By coincidence, we found a butcher. Where a fresh cow was just brought in! Fresher than this it was not going to be! We ordered 1 kilo of the fillet and paid 20 euros. That is very cheap compared to the prices in Holland. Next the bakery. Check. Than the supermarket. Check. Back to the boat. 10.15 Let’s go sailing!

Hardly any wind. Code zero on, code zero off. Spi on, spi off. Genoa on, genoa off. Anyway, the sail from Spetses in the direction of Athens leads you through the Kolpos Idras or Gulf Hydra. A beautiful sort of big lane with small villages on both sides of the lane. At the end of the lane you go left in the direction of Athens. At that point we had such good wind! So we pulled the spinnaker. All the way up to our anchorage for the night we kept the spinnaker up. Great day of sailing! Nisis Moni has 2 anchorages. At the biggest anchorage were already some boats so we went to the next one. A beautiful peacefull place with clear blue water. We heated up the plancha and made a lovely fillet steak, accompanied by a glass of a white wine and again an amazing sunset. What else do you need?

Nisis Moni
Beautiful very small island opposite the island of Aegina. You can reach the island with a small boat which leaves from Perdika and costs 5 € / pers. It is really worth spending a day here at the beacht. Beautiful fauna and flora. Peacocks walk freely in nature there. Swim in clear water or relax on a beach bed or have a drink at the bar.