The Cimitero in Licata will remain in your memory forever. It has something different from all the rest: the way it looks towards the south, over the sea, where the more you feel an end, you feel a beginning. The cemetery is built upon a hill. When you start walking from the seaside, the lowest part of the cemetery,  you find many tombs. Going up higher you find the mausoleums. Photos of the deceased are on the stones. The cemetery is very well maintained. Families meticulously care for graves and bring flowers and candles. Sometimes you see people sitting beside their loved ones and praying. It is something very special and worth visiting.

The only thing that I find a bit strange is that there is no information at all about this peaceful place. How many people are buried here, how many mausoleums has the cemetery, how many graves? I think the cemetery consists of 2 parts but not sure. The lower part of the cemetery is called Marinello and the upper part of the cemetery is called Cupuccinne. Both parts have an amazing view of the city, the marina, the sea, and the beach. I find it a truly amazing beautiful place. I have walked the stairs many times and every time you see something different. I am very sure there are a lot of memories and secrets at this place. A true gem!