Good morning Sicily!
After almost 7 days of sailing, we arrived at Licata at 01.30 in the morning of December 17! Happy to have Mark and Marijke on board from Cat Greatcircle. They were already in the marina with their Lagoon 52 and they knew the local situation in the marina! The Marinero was already waiting for us to help to moor the boat. We were very close to Cat Great Circle lying at the main jetty of the marina. And what a great service! Arriving early in the morning and somebody available to help! First thing, of course!, was to have a drink and relax. Marijke and Mark stayed on board for the night and left for their own boat the next morning. When you wake up in a new marina it’s always nice to explore the environment a bit.  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to stay at the main jetty and after 3 days we had to move to another location. At the side of Licata lighthouse. Which is not bad at all. The facilities in the marina are good. As we arrived in December the restaurants were not open. The staff is über friendly. They will always try to help you with whatever question you have. Also, the marina is organising a lot of activities for the liveaboard people. Italian lessons, Sunday afternoon bbq, pilates, film evenings, historic walks, cooking classes and what so ever. Very good. This year there were about 25/30 people staying over for winter. As many towns in wintertime, there was not much “action” in the marina. On Sundays, you see the local people walk along the boats and enjoy a coffee in the only coffee shop in the marina. I am sure that in summer it will be very busy. In wintertime, there are about 45.000 locals and in summer there are 150.000 people in the town! There is a barrier when entering the marina and the jetties are separated from the walking promenade by bushes. There is 24 hours security in the marina and it is a very safe place. We left twice as we had to travel and no problem at all! Have not heard of any abnormalities. This year has been very cold in Sicily and a lot of wind! All the time. The weather was not really what we expected it to be. Weatherwise I would suggest staying in the South of Spain. The weather looks better in that area. But I sure do recommend Licata for overwintering in Sicily!

This is the second part of our journey. Film is made by Mark from Cat Greatcircle! The sail from Sardinia to Sicily. Enjoy!