Mustique – island of the rich and famous!
The island covers 1,400 acres (5.7 km2; 2.2 sq mi) and has several coral reefs. The land fauna includes tortoises, herons, iguanas and many other species. Its year-round population of about 500 mostly live in the villages of Lovell, Britannia Bay and Dover. The population rises to 1,200 in peak season. The island is owned by the Mustique Company, a private limited company which is in turn owned by the island’s homeowners. The island has around a hundred private villas, many of which are let through the Mustique Company. There are two hotels: The Cotton House (with twenty rooms) and Beach Café owned by the Mustique Company, and the seven-room, privately owned guest house, Firefly, with a restaurant and a bar. A separate restaurant, the Veranda, is also in operation.

The island has become well known for a core set of personalities whose influence created Mustique’s current cachet: Princess Margaret, Tommy Hilfiger, Shania Twain, and Mick Jagger. Immediately prior to that, the island was home to fishermen. Elizabeth II, Queen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and her husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, made private visits to Mustique in 1966, 1977 and 1985.  Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, holiday in Mustique often. David Bowie, Noel Gallagher who wrote and demoed many of the songs that would later be released on Be Here Now. Other well-known individuals who have holidayed on Mustique over the years include Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi, Denzel Washington, Tom Ford, John Travolta and Bryan Adams.

There is only one anchorage at the island, Britannia Bay. It’s all mooring balls. The cost of the mooring buoy is $200EC for one night however you can stay for three. Which we did! The harbormaster then explained the layout of the town, told us to avoid the many turtles that rise up from the weed beds for air and pointed out where the reef was for snorkelling. He also explained that we weren’t allowed to fish as it’s a protected area.

In the bay, you find the famous Basil’s Bar. And when you are moored close enough you might be able to pick up some internet … There is 1 dinghy dock which leads you to a small area where you find a (very very very expensive) supermarket and a fruit vendor and a small fish market. There is also a coffee shop where you can buy French baguettes and sweets. And a liquor store of course! When there is a celebrity on the island, as a cruiser, you are restricted to the area of the Bay. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds spent Christmas 2019 on Mustique with the von Bismarck family. We were restricted for only 1 day. It means that you can walk the beach southward all the way to the end and back. A nice stroll and beautiful swimming and snorkelling area.
The next day we walked up the hill to see a bit more of the town. There is a Church, restaurant The View. It is a very lush and green island with amazing properties. But you are restricted and they do not appreciate it when you walk the island. There is a yearly famous blues festival every year which attracts many people to the Bay. A visit to Basil’s Bar is a must with the stunning sunset views. But beware it’s an expensive island!

Isle à Quatre
An uninhabited island and it’s for sale! Located between Mustique and Bequia. Location: Isle a Quatre is located at 12.57° N, 61.15° W.  Area and Dimensions: The surface area of Isle a Quatre is approximately 376 acres. The length of the island is approximately 3 km (1.86 miles) and varies in width between 250 m to 975 m. The coastal length is approximately 9.85 km (6.12 miles) allowing for a great number of properties to have direct coastal frontage. The highest point is approximately 146 m (479 ft) above mean sea level. Isle a Quatre has overwhelming views. North, and nearest at two kilometres, lies Bequia with its convenient airstrip. The mountainous main island of St. Vincent is visible beyond. Closer, to the east, rests the famed Mustique, and south is Canouan. The 376-acre island remains uninhabited and untouched save for the original estate house of the grandfather of Sir James Mitchell, former prime minister of the country, who owns the island together with his daughters. The island has been in the Mitchell family for over 100 years.

Also for sale! Only $30.000.000,–. The Cinderella of the Grenadines, Baliceaux is often overlooked in favour of its celebrity siblings, Mustique and Bequia. Discovered by Spanish sailors in the 15th century, Baliceaux has escaped the commercialization and development that many of its Windward Island neighbours have succumbed to, making this 320-acre paradise one of the last truly unspoiled gems in the Lesser Antilles. Just ten minutes by boat west of Bequia and north of Mustique, this magnificent isle is an undeveloped gem just waiting for the right person to let it shine. The island offers outstanding hiking through its lush terrain and rugged trails. Azure waters frame sheltered bays and coves. Crumbling cliffs bookend gentle meadows. Exquisite golden beaches arc around bays on Baliceaux’s eastern and western shores, while the island’s high point, Gun Hill, was a lookout for soldiers during the Carib Wars of 1772-1797. There are still artefacts to be found from these days, and possibly other treasures-the pirate Blackbeard sailed his ship Queen Anne’s Revenge round Baliceaux’s waters in the early 1700s. For a modern take on glitz, Mustique’s dazzling nightlife, shopping, and golf are a swift boat ride away. Goats and cattle graze Baliceaux’s slopes. The one remaining home houses the caretaker and his family. Privately owned by one family who lived on Baliceaux until the 1920s. A diamond in the rough! Anchor near the northwest end or go south and anchor in Landing Bay; be careful to sail around the reefs to the west.

We did not visit these island but I was just curious and this is what I found on the internet!

grenadines mapSt Vincent and the Grenadines is a multi-island country. The Grenadines are a chain of small islands that lie on a line between the larger islands of Saint Vincent and Grenada. Part of the  Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.
In the Northern part, you’ll find the islands of Bequia and Mustique. The Southern Grenadines consist of Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island. There are 10 uninhabited islands are Palm Island, Petit Saint Vincent, Tobago Cays, Isle à Quatre, Baliceaux, Bettowia, Petit Mustique, Petit Nevis, Petit Canouan. and Savan.  The Grenadines is known for the haunts of the rich and famous – yachting, diving and fine beaches. Many rich and famous have a house somewhere around in one of the islands